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Hiring our photobooth in Parramatta

Photobooths are perhaps one of the very few old technologies which are fast becoming the latest trends in Australia as well as other parts of the world.  Perhaps the best thing about a modern day twist on this old technology is the fact that it gives people a bit of privacy in which to express themselves and to be creative. Even a small booth measuring a few feet across can motivate people to often take pictures of themselves which they otherwise would not in front of everyone else. The fact that it gets even introverted individuals to open up and have fun is one of the reasons why its becoming such an important addition to parties and formal weddings alike. That said photobooths range from being small to large and ones that sport DSLR cameras with expensive lenses. At Flatout Entertainment our goal is to make sure that we have every type of photobooth in Parramatta, so almost everyone can find what they are looking for when they get in touch with us.

Come take a look at our photobooths

There is no secret that we are photobooth enthusiasts ourselves. So these booths have been somewhat a personal interest for many people who are a part of our team. This is the real reason why we have just about any type of booth that you can think of. This allows us to offer the booths we have to any party or event. Plus our booths can be custom tailored to your specific needs. So, whether you need a booth for a formal marriage, a teen party or perhaps your child’s birthday we have just the one for you.

We are always here to help you

When you hire a photobooth in Parramatta from us you can be rest assured that it will be of the highest quality, well maintained and we will set it up in the best possible way. That said we know that things can go wrong even with the most well maintained equipment, this is why we are always by your side to ensure that you and your guests are never left high and dry when the photobooth you hired malfunctions. This is precisely why we back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because we work to ensure that you’re always satisfied with the service.

Hire your booth ASAP

Over the years we have heard from people who have found it difficult to hire the booths of their choice or book the booths that they wanted beforehand. The problem with booth hire in general is logistics and often times you need many people to ensure that an order or a booking is confirmed and then managed accordingly. However, as one of the leading party supply services we have been able to develop a system that is truly efficient and helps people find and get exactly what they are looking for. This not only applies to our photobooths but a whole range of other items that we have for hire. So, today hiring a photobooth only requires that you call us during business hours at

02 9186 3258. We also invite people who are unable to get in touch with us over the phone for whatever reason to send us an email to

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