Photobooth Richmond

Get crazy with photobooths

Even though photobooths are often considered to be quite dated especially since they were officially discontinued in most parts of the world by the early 1970s, the fact is that it is now being rediscovered so to speak. It has been noted that photobooths in Richmond and other areas are now increasingly popular among people who are hosting parties, weddings and even corporate functions. The ability of a photobooth to extract the most fun out of people regardless of the formal settings it is often a part of, has made it one of the most popular of gadgets second to perhaps only the slushy machine. Our own experience with photobooths have shown that people love interacting and having their pictures taken in booths and this is regardless of their age, gender or race.

The best photobooth service in Richmond

We have been offering photobooths for hire, for a very long time. Over the years our photobooth in Richmond have been a part of countless weddings, parties and formal functions. However, what makes us stand out from the competition is the fact is that we currently have one of the largest selection of various props. In addition, our photobooth can be customized based on what our clients want. For instance, most wedding couples will want the booth to fit in with the theme of their wedding and yet be equipped with a high resolution camera so that everyone who enters the booth is captured in crystal clarity. Plus as professionals we can setup the booth where ever necessary mainly because our booths are designed to be extremely flexible regardless of what type of party or setup they need to be a part of.

We have photobooths of all types

Flatout Entertainment is one of the leaders in professional equipment supplies and photobooths happen to be one of our hottest items. That said we are not only known for our highly equipped, state of the art photobooths but also for our ability to supply just about any party or wedding gadget needed. Our goal has always been to offer a one stop service to our clients so that they never have to worry about quality, experience of whether we will have what they need. The ability to have just about anything that most people need for a party or wedding has resulted in us often being labeled as one of the most trusted services in the country.

Extremely easy and efficient

Flatout Entertainment has worked hard to ensure that our clients find hiring the photobooth they need extremely simple. We have over the years taken a number of steps to ensure that our clients can easily find and choose exactly what they need regardless of the time or day. The ability to book their photobooths in advance is perhaps one of the leading reasons why we have over the years received a surge in service requests both online and offline. That said despite our updated website we still urge people to get in touch with us by calling directly 02 9186 3258. Our clients are also more than welcome to send us an email for more information, quotes or any other question that they may have about our service directly to: and we will get in touch right away.

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